Ring in the Season with Festive Flowers

December 7th, 2015

Flowers are nature’s contribution to a festive decor. Whatever winter celebration you have planned this season, there is a bouquet or floral arrangement to brighten up your home and dinner table. Though in many parts of the world, winter takes us away from the colorful beauty of nature; floral arrangements are a wonderful contrast to the snow-white wintertime scenery outdoors.
Christmas PoinsettiaWinter floral arrangements come in the most vivid colors, from vibrant reds to deep burgundies and forest greens. Arrangements and bouquets are the perfect choice for seasonal decorating because you can mix and match all the vibrant colors available. The classic Christmastime poinsettia is always a great choice, but there are many other floral arrangements that will bring the atmosphere of festivity into your home.
If you want to add a twist to your seasonal decor, pink and cream poinsettias are a unique option and will make for a great conversation starter at your parties this time of year. Poinsettias, however, are just one option. Holly, red carnation and chrysanthemum will also bring a table to life. You can even start your own traditions with a simple, yet classic bouquet of red roses.
Fields of FlowersA vase filled with shades of green and white can give a nod to the beauty of winter – and the hope for a glorious spring. One of the greatest things about flowers is that you can arrange them to reflect any celebration. Reds and greens are traditional for Christmas and the yule season, but you can also ask your florist to design a bouquet filled with a rainbow of different colors to celebrate the winter solstice as we make our way towards spring and warmer weather.
Whatever the celebration, flowers are a beautiful way to honor any season, and bring the wonders of nature into your home at this time of year. Check out our full selection of winter flowers and winter-themed centerpieces or give us a call today at 888-845-5778 to place your order or to discuss a unique arrangement for your home this season.

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