Get Your Arrangements Now for Feb. 14

The most romantic day of the year is fast approaching, and the clock is certainly ticking to buy the one you love a gift. Waiting until the last minute like you may have done is always such a risk that your gift may not be delivered on time or be ready in time for pick up.
Lavender DreamsWhat is the one gift that your loved one will enjoy this season? Flowers, of course! There are so many different flower options that your wife, fiancé or girlfriend will enjoy, from traditional red roses, tulips and lilies to carnations, irises, Gerbera daisies and more. During this time of year, too, you may see a slight price hike from your favorite florist. While you may think this is due to the romantic season, it’s actually completely normal. Since this is the busy season for rose growers – especially since they use V-Day to keep their businesses afloat – most flower growers charge more for the incredibly high demand and costs they have in producing such a bumper crop of these beautiful plants for clients from coast to coast.
If you are a non-believer when it comes to V-Day, you may ask “Why do women enjoy receiving flowers and gifts on this special day anyways?” Flowers have the ability to stop time in a way. When flowers arrive at a woman’s work or home – especially when they are unexpected – she can get lost in the moment, gazing at the flowers and the love that they reflect while basking in the amazing smell. Women also have a special spot in their brains where they can recall each moment that they received flowers as well, whether it was on V-Day or an anniversary. This year you can be the cause behind stopping time for her and make sure that you secure your place in that happy part of your loved one’s mind forever more.
Heart Throb Plush AnimalNo Feb. 14 delivery is complete however without a nice addition to the bouquet. We highly recommend taking a look at our boxed chocolates, cute plush animals, balloons and truffles. Each of these options adds a more long-lasting and tangible treat to personalize your gift and impress your special someone all the more. We even carry gift baskets with soaps and lotions that would be a welcomed gift by anyone.
Order your bouquets and chocolates today to make sure that you’re ready for V-Day! Take a look at our lovely selection of Feb. 14 roses and flowers, or explore our plush animals and our diverse selection gourmet gift baskets for even more options. For help selecting the perfect gift, call Fancies Flowers today at 605-342-2829.

Send Well Wishes with Flowers

The winter season activities and celebrations may take precedence over every other occasion when it comes to television and other forms of media, but life still goes on within our circles of family and friends. There are countless birthdays, anniversaries, engagements and graduations that deserve our congratulations this winter season and nothing says it better than a bouquet of flowers.
One of the main reasons flowers are loved so much is that they are a great way of expressing exactly how we feel. A personally chosen bouquet is a symbol of love and care and is a gift that is always greatly appreciated. When we think about it, flowers are a gift that is vibrant and alive, and one that keeps on giving for many days. A gift of flowers can even last a lifetime in the heart of those who receive them, and many people choose to press their flowers inside the pages of diaries, journals and their favorite books.
Smile for You BouquetThe variety of flowers and congratulatory floral combinations that exist makes just choosing the right bouquet or arrangement a fun and creative project. There is no need to think that only women enjoy the gift of flowers, many men appreciate the gift of a floral bouquet as much as anyone. For example, a graduation bouquet for your favorite nephew can be filled with strong vibrant colors, such as deep reds, blues and purples. Going traditional is also an option, as almost everyone will be thrilled with a dozen roses.
You can also personalize a floral birthday gift by choosing flowers that are your gift recipient’s favorite color or a bouquet that matches the color of a loved one’s new house or apartment. Say “congratulations” to your favorite couple who are celebrating an engagement during this popular season for proposals with an innovative bouquet created to look like a celebratory cocktail. You can always ask your florist for new and fresh ideas for creative and memorable bouquets.
Elegant Stargazers and RosesIf you love traditional seasonal flowers like the poinsettia, these flowers can also be given to celebrate many special occasions beyond the festive time of year, including as a celebration of a newlywed couple’s first anniversary, or a family celebrating the ethnic tradition of Kwanzaa, which begins the day after Christmas. Red and green floral combinations can be wonderfully soft and elegant, too, without looking too much like Christmas bouquets.
It is beautiful to remember all of the events that are being celebrated by your loved ones this winter, and flowers will help you say how much you really care and are happy for what is going on in their lives this season.  As you plan for the many different celebratory occasions this time of year, including engagements, anniversaries, graduations and more, a bouquet of flowers can be the perfect gift. Give Fancies Flowers & Gifts a call today at 605-342-2829 and discuss your own personalized flower arrangement or gift, or order from our online inventory today.